Kess v2 Masterversion 5.0017 k suite 2.80

Kess v2 Masterversion 5.0017 k suite 2.80


KESS V5.017 Highlights:

1. Online version, you can connect to the Internet without damage.

2. Unlimited version, no token limit, you can use them all the time.

3. Universal car/truck/tractor/motorcycle mount, support 12V/24V

4. Support multiple languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French

5. Support multiple systems: Win XP / WIN7 / WIN8 / WIN10....

6. All software protocols are open, 140 more protocols than the previous version.


Kess v2 Masterversion 5.0017 k suite 2.80

Various built-in features and security measures, including:

1. Checking battery voltage in real time

2. Full recovery function in case of problems

3. Automatic checksum correction (when available)

4. Full integration with Ecm titanium, which means it can work perfectly with Ecm titanium

5. Management of programming counters

6. ScanTool function to remove DTCs

7. Various read/write speed options

8. Option to write the entire map section

9. Support Boot-Loader mode


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